Frases fantásticas

Frases fantásticas

Fantastic phrases

By Fernando Estrada

This fantastic set of phrases can remind us that Palmyra is a city of children. And your imagination is part of an intergenerational legacy refuses to sacrifice the best of human beings.

During the Christmas season of 2009 in a game of words with children and adolescents between eleven and fourteen, I got these phrases that appear below:
Palmira - forest - palm - greeting - crazy - needle.

I. Palmira is the city where we were born and has a town forest and beautiful palm trees in many places. The greeting us kind, the madmen think the cheese is melted moon we get into the pocket.

Tree - crib - pillow - family - forever

II. The Christmas tree decorated all the houses and sing carols along with cribs. And my parents have a big pillow on which rests the whole family. Drunks sleeping as they do not want to wake up in eternity.

Dance - lips - gift - rope - lemon

III. Everywhere people dance and are happy with their pink lips. And children play with their gifts, but also play the old stick in the mouth.In the streets the strings are used to ask for bonuses and enguayabados cured with lemon.

Park - River - Internet - box - light - books

IV. Near a River Palmira Park passed that no longer exists, now surf the Internet and file drawers are full of books.

Reed - Mountains - Church - Luck - thin

V. We cane planted everywhere and in the mountains. Married people are married in church and my uncle buying lottery because she believes in luck. And while I was sick all looked very thin.

Note that in all these fantastic phrases given conditions Palmira preserves not only the geography of spaces and places (I) but by the idiosyncrasies of its people (III). Which is applicable to all vallecaucanos: open and friendly people.This city conjures up images of children also infiltrated the dreams of our ancestors in the Villa de las Palmas. And an innocent kind of game characters in recent times did we run the streets, those symbols of the city yesterday as the General Batata. The great phrases containing many lessons.

And among these colorful images: the drunks. A result of festivals and celebrations in every age. Curiosa also its relationship to time. To relate the dream of eternity in a body devoid of elegance, is not it fantastic? Or the innocent recreation of ancient game as the "stick in the mouth" with which the antics decembrinas made everyone laugh. Domestic cure has applications in all places, "the lemon guava."

This generation, like those to come, will not know the rivers, and few families return and the river trips to Clearwater, Potrerillo, Charco Azul, or Amaime Bolo (IV).Until the eighties, rich and poor, black, mulatto and black niches, Indian patirajados and gentlemen of good, whole families, programmed in advance of cooker rides on weekends. Every other deposited mill cane bagasse on the banks of the river, something quite incredible today, we are far from those conditions. A completely deteriorated ecosystem that threatens to engulf their own watersheds, leaving a scene "without rivers" that can be enjoyed.

Glory to you who have struggled to spell
your dynamic thrust and fiery,
digging earth in steel
to make your poses a barn
provident city of the future.

In this verse of the hymn to Palmyra the "barn providence" relates a land whose biodiversity contrasts with the abundance and variety of its fruits. Land abundant food there is almost nothing.The imposing cane industry, now converted into ethanol technologies by large sugar plantations was gradually dominating the landscape vallecaucano. Something that is seen from all sides territorial Palmira; the fields of cane occupied the entire space of the observer's visual landscapes, viewpoints as Buitrera. Social costs have been paid too high without governments that the city had done something to stop serious damage. Today sugar cane is a pride for the palmirano, but his shame. In the nineteenth century farm town to the Palmira XXI century, the transformations have been regressive and exclusionary. Are no longer staple foods which feed the people of the municipality.

But among these wonderful phrases back to the Christmas Tree (II). One of the older provisions with cribs that comes from the church rituals: the Christmas Eve.According to Walter Benjamin, before our Christmas tree to take its modern form, the structure was held stable geometry wooden pyramid in which the candles were displayed in several layers staggered. Of course, these pyramids were missing the flavor of the resin and the own branches.

Without making apologies for deteriorating traditions ended our forests, formerly of Palmyra poor children had few options to have a pyramid tree at home. The resources available for nature were not attacking huge huts that were in the Buitrera, Clearwater or the Municipal Forest. After clearing the weeds we were left with dry branches were decorated with cotton and flashing lights. Around the tree, small stalls with colored sawdust. And the whole scene was for a family celebration commemorating the best time of year.So the Christmas trees were introduced in small houses taking all the lights on, which was the sign that the expected distribution of the gifts was to begin.

This fantastic set of phrases can remind us that Palmyra is a city of children. And his imagination is part of an intergenerational legacy refuses to sacrifice the best of human beings. To maintain traditions that link the values of coexistence with the future of new generations is everyone's responsibility.

Published on November 15, 2010.


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